Photographs and Hannah Arendt

On the banks of the Rhine, photographer Till Eitel exhibits his street photography of Paris in public spaces. Disturbing: a sign indicates that in May all pictures of same-sex couples, people of color and non-Christian religions were stolen. The police are investigating. The Rhine has a lot of eddies, as a lifeguard I can see that, but signs warn against swimming.

At the Bundeskunsthalle I see an exhibition about the philosopher Hannah Arendt, which is refreshing because it is actually based on the intellectual works of Arendt and is less biographically structured. I am particularly interested in the work about the Jewess Rahel Varnhagen, whom I was not familiar with. I am familiar with Arendt mainly because of her work Vita Activa and I am sympathetic because of the emphasis on practical work and the relationship to the public. Of course, I am also familiar with the work on the Eichmann process.

What I love very much about Bonn and which I haven’t noticed so far: The many small flower shops. Trier is more characterized by two large garden centers, Lambert and Dehner. In Bonn there are small shops selling flowers and plants in many corners, as well as stalls in the squares.