The dates of the 2nd Corona winter / January


1. January 2021

  • For the fourth day in a row, France reports more than 200,000 new corona infections

2. January 2022

  • Israel formally approves 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people over 60 and medical staff

6. January 2022

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a record number of weekly coronavirus infections worldwide. The number rose in the past week by 71 percent to just under 9.5 million
  • More books sold in pandemic year 2021. With an increase in sales of 3.2 percent, the book market closed the second pandemic year.

7. January 2022

  • 98,000 children in Peru have become half-orphans or orphans as a result of Covid-19
  • In Italy, the corona incidence more than doubled within a week. As of Thursday, the health authorities recorded an average of 1,669 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide over the past seven days,
  • New rules in Germany: restaurants only for 2 times vaccinated and recovered + test or completely boosted / quarantine reduced to 10 days, boosted people not quarantined at all.

11. January 2022

  • The World Health Organization (WHO), citing an extrapolation, warns that in two months more than half of the people in Europe could be infected with Omikron.
  • Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has encouraged his European partners to debate the question of treating Covid-19 no longer as a pandemic but as an endemic disease and establishing a model for monitoring virus evolution, similar to that used for the flu

12. January 2022

  • For the first time more than 80,000 new infections in Germany (80.430)
  • If the corona virus leads to a shortage of staff in the police force, right-wing extremists are planning an overthrow, according to the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

17. January 2022

  • The number of new corona infections in Hamburg is increasing . For the first time, the seven-day incidence reported by the health authority is above the 1000 mark

The dates of the 2nd Corona winter / December

November January

01. December 2021

  • Austria uses triage in hospitals
  • Several European countries have offered to take over Covid19 patients from Germany. Appropriate aid pledges were received from Italy, France, Portugal and Sweden.

02. December 2021

  • Meetings in public and private spaces, in which non-vaccinated and unconcealed people take part, should be limited to one’s own household and a maximum of two people from another household
  • They will initiate a facility-related vaccination requirement for employees, for example in hospitals and geriatric care facilities
  • The Bundestag will decide on a general vaccination requirement as soon as possible.
  • In shops, as well as at cultural and leisure events, access will only be given to people vaccinated against the coronavirus or those who have recovered from an infection.
  • Clubs and discos should be closed if the number of corona infections is high (350 incidence) due to the risk of infection.
  • In schools, a mask requirement should generally apply to all grade levels
  • In order to accelerate the vaccination campaign, dentists, pharmacists and nurses should also be allowed to vaccinate against the virus in the future
  • The number of participants for supraregional sports, cultural and comparable major events will be significantly reduced.
  • The sale of firecrackers and fireworks on New Year’s Eve is again banned this year.

05. December 2021

  • Rose Monday procession in Trier and Cologne canceled
  • The workers union fears increasing violence and attacks on journalists during anti-corona protests.
  • Opponents of the corona policy pulled in front of the house of Saxony’s Health Minister Köpping yesterday with torches
  • Because of the Omikron variant, the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro has canceled the traditional New Year’s Eve party on Copacabana Beach.
  • Because of the current partial lockdown and the announced mandatory vaccination, more than 40,000 people demonstrated in the Austrian capital Vienna yesterday

06. December 2021

  • Karl Lauterbach becomes the new Minister of Health.
  • At the moment 2800 people a week pass away of COVID in Germany.

07. December 2021

  • The Berlin Humboldt University has lodged a complaint with the press council against „Bild“. The newspaper had made scientists responsible for corona measures
  • Some AfD members of the Bundestag lodged a constitutional complaint against the current 2G regulation for Berlin hotels – and thus failed.

08. December 2021

  • Deutsche Bahn tightens 3G controls in local transport
  • According to several studies, the vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer apparently only offers partial protection against the coronavirus variant Omikron.
  • Berlin: Homeless people without 3G proof are no longer allowed to seek refuge from the cold on platforms. This sucks.

10. December 2021

  • Corona vaccination will mandatory for certain professions in the future. MPs voted like this: 571 yes, 80 no, 38 abstained.
  • Do everything to keep schools and universities open in presence: That is the motto of the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs

13. December 2021

  • According to the Saxon Medical Association, the rejection of a corona vaccination by a doctor can be considered a gross treatment error and have consequences under liability law.
  • At a demonstration in front of the Federal Ministry of Health in Berlin, the globalization-critical organization Attac called for the patents on corona vaccines to be released.
  • Brandenburg’s state parliament has declared an epidemic emergency.
  • Instead of five months, citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia only have to wait four weeks to be vaccinated again

14. December 2021

  • Deaths in November nationwide 20 percent above average
  • Politicians, the media and institutions have received threatening letters announcing „bloody resistance“ to the planned vaccination requirement.

15. Dezember 2021

  • Opponents of the vaccination are said to have planned the murder of Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer in the Telegram messenger service. The authorities have now reacted with a raid in Dresden – a special task force is also involved.
  • After an inventory, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach announced that Germany will lack corona vaccine for the first quarter of 2022.
  • In Berlin, the State Police Department of the State Criminal Police Office is investigating after politicians in the capital have received threatening letters against the planned vaccination requirement.

18. Dezember 2021

  • Netherlands impose lockdown. Restaurants, cinemas and hairdressers will close until January 14th
  • London is again declaring a disaster
  • Numerous demos against corona measures
  • Because of the rapid spread of the Omikron variant in Great Britain, doctors are warning of massive staff absences

19. December 2021

  • The government’s panel of experts sees potential threats to the critical infrastructure. This includes hospitals, the police, fire brigades, rescue services, telecommunications, electricity and water supply and the corresponding logistics.
  • In New Zealand, a 26-year-old man apparently died of complications from myocarditis after an initial vaccination with the active ingredient from BioNTech / Pfizer.

21. December 2021

  • The Standing Vaccination Commission approves Booster vaccinations after just 3 months
  • The Robert Koch Institute prefer contact restrictions before Christmas. The government is pissed off because the health minister has promised no restrictions before Christmas.
  • Government decided:
  • The vaccination campaign should also run over the christmas holidays
  • Compulsory vaccination: The federal states ask the Bundestag and the federal government to speed up the preparations for the introduction of a general compulsory vaccination „and to present a schedule at short notice“
  • Critical infrastructures: should review their pandemic plans and ensure that they can also be operated in the short term
  • Because of the Omikron variant, a maximum of ten people are allowed to meet privately from December 28th
  • Meetings with the unvaccinated: Once an unvaccinated person attends, stricter contact restrictions apply. Then, as before, meetings are limited to your own household and a maximum of two other people from another household.
  • Dance events are banned from the 28th.
  • Major national events: No more spectators are allowed from December 28th at the latest.

25. Decemner 2021

  • France has over 100,000 new infections a day

28. Dezember 2021

  • With a decision published today, the First Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court decided that the legislature violated Article 3 (3) sentence 2 of the Basic Law because it failed to take precautions to ensure that no one with disabilities is disadvantaged in the allocation of intensive care treatment resources. The goivernment must define triage rules.

29. December 2021

  • France has over 200,000 new infections a day

30. December 2021

  • For four weeks they should live and work shielded from the outside world: An energy company in Austria isolates around 50 employees. In this way, the supply should also be secured in the Omikron wave.

31. December 2021

  • Italy reports 144,000 new infections

The dates of the 2nd Corona winter / November

Im Garten des Todes, Hugo Simberg (1906)


9. November 2021

  • The Berlin Charite cancels all plannable operations.
  • In the Elbe-Elster district, the incidence among 5- to 14-year-olds rises to 2,600.
  • I have my first warning „increased risk (red)“ in the Corona app => PCR test

10. November 2021

  • Bavaria declares a disaster situation

11. November 2021 – Helau!

  • 50.196 new infections

12. November 2021

  • Rapid tests should be free again from next week

13. November 2021

  • 12,000 Bundeswehr soldiers are to be mobilized to help in the 4th wave

15. November 2021

  • Today 16 districts in Bavaria and Saxony over 900. The new front runner is Saxon Switzerland with more than 1,300 …

18. November 2021

  • 52,826 new infections
  • The vaccination centers in Rhineland-Palatinate and otheer federal states will open again next week
  • There are no longer any PCR capacities in some laboratories
  • Hospitals in Bavaria (Rottal-Inn) are starting with mass transfers

19. November 2021

  • Austria will go into lockdown from Monday and will have a mandatory vaccination from February
  • In Bavaria, locations with an incidence of 1000 or more go into lockdown
  • Saxony is temporarily lifting the working time restrictions: Doctors and nurses are allowed to work longer, the crematoria on Sunday
  • The air force is being prepared to transport the sick

22. November 2021

  • The health department in Trier (and in many other places) can no longer record the new infections, employees from other parts of the administration are turned off, so the citizens‘ office can only be reached to a limited extent
  • Saxony defines specific rules for triage

23. November 2021

  • The USA issued a travel warning for Germany
  • The Netherlands are moving patients to Germany. Germany moves patients to Italy.
  • 400 officials infected, 600 more in quarantine: The Saxon police union warns of a possible end of many controle areas in the State

24. November 2021

  • 66,888 new infections. All people who go into quarantine and are absent from production.
  • „Kleeblatt Süd- und Ost“ has been activated. It is a concept to be able to relocate hospital patients nationwide.
  • From today on there is a 3G rule on workplaces (geimpft, genesen, getested / vaccinated, recovered or tested)
  • In the army there is an obligation to vaccinate
  • The new government introduces itself. There is to be a premium for nurses, a compulsory vaccination in nursing professions and a crisis staff set up in the chancellery
  • Due to Corona cases, the Trier garbage disposal may be delayed and canceled.

25. November 2021

  • 75.961 new infections
  • The Czech Republic declares a national emergency
  • According to scientists, a new variant of the coronavirus has been discovered in South Africa. The variant with the scientific name B.1.1.529 „has a very high number of mutations“
  • In Dresden, a mobile vaccination team is attacked with fireworks.

26. November 2021

  • 76.414 new infections
  • The Cologne health department approved a soccer game with 50,000 spectators
  • Belgium registers the first case of B.1.1.529
  • The name of the new variant is Omikron.
  • The Netherlands will go into an evening lockdown (5pm) from Sunday on

28.November 2021

  • The Bavarian state government and university clinics are now calling on medical students to volunteer in the clinics in the fight against Corona.

30. November 2021

  • Constitutional complaints regarding exit and contact restrictions in the fourth law for the protection of the population in an epidemic situation of national scope („Federal Emergency Brake“) unsuccessful
  • As of today, foreigners are no longer allowed to enter Japan.