The dates of the 2nd Corona winter / January


1. January 2021

  • For the fourth day in a row, France reports more than 200,000 new corona infections

2. January 2022

  • Israel formally approves 4th dose of COVID-19 vaccine for people over 60 and medical staff

6. January 2022

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a record number of weekly coronavirus infections worldwide. The number rose in the past week by 71 percent to just under 9.5 million
  • More books sold in pandemic year 2021. With an increase in sales of 3.2 percent, the book market closed the second pandemic year.

7. January 2022

  • 98,000 children in Peru have become half-orphans or orphans as a result of Covid-19
  • In Italy, the corona incidence more than doubled within a week. As of Thursday, the health authorities recorded an average of 1,669 corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants nationwide over the past seven days,
  • New rules in Germany: restaurants only for 2 times vaccinated and recovered + test or completely boosted / quarantine reduced to 10 days, boosted people not quarantined at all.

11. January 2022

  • The World Health Organization (WHO), citing an extrapolation, warns that in two months more than half of the people in Europe could be infected with Omikron.
  • Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has encouraged his European partners to debate the question of treating Covid-19 no longer as a pandemic but as an endemic disease and establishing a model for monitoring virus evolution, similar to that used for the flu

12. January 2022

  • For the first time more than 80,000 new infections in Germany (80.430)
  • If the corona virus leads to a shortage of staff in the police force, right-wing extremists are planning an overthrow, according to the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

17. January 2022

  • The number of new corona infections in Hamburg is increasing . For the first time, the seven-day incidence reported by the health authority is above the 1000 mark

19. January 2022

  • Germany has over 100,000 cases for the first time. France reported 465,000 cases yesterday.
  • The curves of new corona infections and those of new admissions to intensive care units diverge more and more. A good sign.

24, January 2022

  • In view of the increasing number of corona infections due to the Omicron variant, compulsory attendance at Berlin schools has been temporarily suspended.
  • Given the scarcity of PCR tests, prioritization should be made while increasing capacity.

27. January 2022

  • The EU medicines agency EMA has given the green light for the approval of the drug Paxlovid against Covid-19
  • The Novavax corona vaccine will be available from the end of February. In Rhineland-Palatinate, registration for a vaccination with the new vaccine has been possible since Monday as the first federal state

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